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“Every December, I begin the process of creating a unique small collection of work in celebration of Valentine’s Day. These series embrace my artistic interpretation of sweetness, intimacy and contemplative memories. An annual tradition since 2015, each original is made as an expression of love.”

Love Me Flowers

Flowers are symbols of romance. These mixed media impressionistic renditions of petunias and daisies evoke feelings of love and beauty.


Posts of Love

Shorebirds on posts marked with graffitied words of love are my homage to the sandy coastline of Cape May. These linoleum block prints are pressed with oil ink and acrylic enhancements. Read more about my process making these prints in my blog.


Sweet Encaustics

Encaustics are an ancient form of painting using melted wax mixed with pigment then fused with high heat. This small series highlights the magic of melted wax mixed media with symbolic references of love.

Waves of Love Hires copy.jpg

Pop Love

This collection of five mini 5 x 7 inch acrylic and ink pen originals were inspired by the 70’s pop and color-field art movements.