My Story

Since early childhood, creating art has been an integral part of my life. My college training included a rigorous program of classical instruction and an independent study in experimental drawing. That work became the catalyst for my love of using vivid detail to compose realistic effects. My compositions are carefully assembled scenes of subtle gradations, layered details and spatial perspectives that become striking realities. The imagery I depict is inspired by the visual diversity that surrounds me and celebrates a universal truth, my truth, that the constant in life is change. From capturing the soulful variances in magnified animal eyes to magical figurative environments, and depicting whimsical still life’s, my collections reflect an openness to both sensible and nonsensical scenes of reality. My work is collected throughout the US and abroad.
Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Studio: Ventura County, California
Education: Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, BA
Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois
UCLA, Westwood, California
UCLA Studio Arts, Santa Monica, California

American Women Artists, Associate with Distinction

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The pictorial realities I create on canvas intensify details of the familiar by capturing the mood of a moment in a engaging environment. I work in layers of oil paint from thin to thick, creating color and imagery depth that becomes both a dimensional visual presence and reflective voice.
Christine O'Brien (CAO)

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