My Story

As a shy child, I would pass the time by drawing and coloring imaginary worlds. Creating artistic realities became an integral part of my life. I received a scholarship to attend a liberal arts college where I trained in a program of rigorous classical instruction. After an independent study in experimental drawing and painting, I discovered my passion for using vivid detail to compose realistic effects. In the early 90's, I began to paint exclusively in oils and worked as a commissioned portraiture artist. In addition to portrait work, the expansive terrain that surrounds me is a constant inspiration to develop engaging compositions of botanicals, landscapes, and coastal scenes. In 2014, while on a jog, a reflection of a trinket caught my eye as I passed by a yard sale. I was instantly excited to create a painting that highlighted its unique nuances. These still life paintings are now a series called the "Tchotchke Series," simplistic scenes, and on occasion, humorous depictions of collectibles that I find in the many resale shops in my area.  As a versatile artist, my creations in realism span still life to figurative. My work is collected throughout the US and abroad.


My scenes are carefully composed to highlight textural detail and the aesthetics of a moment. The subjects I paint reference my experiences of closely observing my surroundings and redefining the familiar as a dynamic perspective of a new reality. I work in layers of oil paint from thin to thick creating color depth and realistic compositions which become both a dimensional visual presence and a contemplative voice
Christine O'Brien (CAO)


Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Studio: Ventura County, California
Education: Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, BA
Chicago Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois
UCLA, Westwood, California
UCLA, Santa Monica, California

American Women Artists, Associate with Distinction

Love Out of the Box