Falling in Love with Tchotchkes

Most of my inspiration to create a series of paintings happens while jogging through the hills in my neighborhood. On weekends, my route will occasionally take me passed a yard sale or two, and my eyes invariably make a quick scan of the plethora of stuff laid out in the driveway. These scans seem to linger on trinkets and collectibles, so one time I indulged this curiosity and stopped at a sale to examine a unique miniature glass "Tchotchke." Immediately attracted to its nostalgic aura and how I would depict its nuances on a canvas, I felt dismayed that I had not tucked money into my running shoe. When I got home, I drove back, but that little treasure of a reference for a painting was gone. Hence began my quest to paint collectibles, once owned and cherished, these inanimate objects had imbued their charm into my artistic mind. My studio happens to be just a few miles from an area with resale shops. A self-proclaimed "non-shopper," I have surprisingly derived great pleasure perusing the shops for creative inspiration. This work has become an extraordinary collection of second chances; Tchotchkes formerly valued with a personal sentiment, now discarded, will have a new legacy depicted in a fine art painting.

Christine O'Brien