"Rose Geraniums"

"Rose Geraniums"


8 x 10 Inches
Oil and Acrylic on Panel
Signed CAO front and back
Satin Varnish, Unframed

This painting of budding Rose Geraniums celebrates the exquisite and unique, delicate beauty of these flowers. Once bloomed, they not only have an incredible fragrant scent of rose and citrus but are a miracle of mother nature by providing many therapeutic uses through their essential oils. Rose Geranium oil is also often used to encourage serenity and a balanced emotional state.

The background hue is sponged layers of a muted organic deep green-blue. This color is “deadened” with black which offsets and enhances the bright intricate detailed brushwork used to depict these precious buds.

This delicate and ornate work will bring a visual of blossoming beauty into any space.

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